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Pupils from the RAF section of the Combined Cadet Force at Shrewsbury School made good progress last term ending with a successful Camp at the beginning of July. A few of the cadets are so keen that they have been coming up to the Club in the summer holidays. Congratulations to Alfie Yeoward and Ed Jones on going solo and converting to the K23. Further congratulations to Ed on going solo on the main winch!

Alfie & Ed

Alfie Yeoward and Ed Jones

Paul Fowler

Heads up – Party Weekend 13/14/15 November

Steve Pozerskis (“Poz” – long time friend of the Mynd, Gliding in general and Junior Gliding in particular) along with a few friends and a few gliders is planning to be at the club for the weekend of 13/14/15 November*, which sounds like the perfect excuse to have a party, both in the air and on the ground! The flying program will be weather dependent, so we’ll make something up on the day, but aiming to keep it as engaging as possible. Evening entertainment will centre around the bar and that big long dining table – mark it in your diary and let’s make it a classic weekend.

*His birthday he claims – not exactly sure which one, but probably a number less than 26 … again!

Saturday 19th September

A beautiful warm sunny day with no wind saw a large fleet of gliders out on the field early, including our visitors from Lasham. Unfortunately they remained on the field for a large part of the morning due to a problem with the winch, but it was all sorted by the time the thermals started. Mark S did the check flights and annual checks, Walter flew the trial lessons, Harry E made further progress with his solo flying and did a 30 minute soaring flight, while Tony Adams flew the T21.



Weekend Update 12/13th September 2015

Saturday started off with low cloud, but after lunch there was a stiff Westerly. good ridge lift and thermals, Neal Clements flew the course while  Mike Rogers flew the trial lessons, Mark and Rob rigged and explored the local ridges manages to scrape back onto the ridge, all in all a great afternoon of ridge and thermal flying

Sunday started with low cloud and a gentle South Easterly breeze. The cloud soon lifted and Nigel flew the trial lessons while the CFI did the check flights and training. Tim Bird got the longest soaring flight of the day in the K23 (again!).

Congratulations to Steve Briggs who went solo again after a 7 year break, then converted to the K23, well done Steve.

Another great weekend at the Mynd, thanks to everyone who helped out.

Monday 31st August 2015


Congratulations to Alan Swan, Rod Hawley and Dave Crowson  for winning MGC task week 2015 in Duo Discus 494,  Alan Swan received the trophy from CFI and syndicate partner Mike Greeenwood

Task Week Update

Saturday’s task was MYN – Rodneys Pillar – Hay on Wye – Old Radnor – Myn.

Yet again the weather didn’t play ball with very little thermal activity and massive shower cells. The day was put to good use as both Harry and Alfie went solo, congratulations to both.

Total Scores as it stands:

Total results after 5 for @ TaskWeek2015

1. 494 Swan/Crowson Alan/Dave Duo Discus 749
2. 288 d’Arcy Dave LS 4 556
3. JF Fack Julian Duo Discus T 411
4. KA Hall/Clements Jon/Neal Duo Discus T 367
-1. HCA Hanks Robert Twin Astir Trainer FG 362
5. KGV Reynolds Allan ASW 28-18 8
6. FWY Dodwell Mike Pegasus 0
6. CEA Greenwood Mike Cirrus B 18.34m 0
6. DZ MacArthur Glyn JS 1 Revelation 0
6. TL Rance David JS-1-21m 0

Task Week Update – Friday

Saturday 22nd – Sunshine and Showers, no task set, we dismantled the lean to and cut down trees and moved caravans in preparation for the new building

Sunday 23rd – Sunshine and Showers, local flying

Monday 24th – Sunshine and showers, local flying, Vincent completed his Bronze tests

Tuesday 25th – Sunshine and showers, local flying

Wednesday 26th – Task Set!

Mynd – Old Radnor – Hay-on-Wye – Seighford Runway – Camphill – Mynd

494 won the day

JF – Turned Seighford Hangar not runway. Engine home from about Ironbridge
HCA – Landed 53.065018 1.990144 Basford Green on way to Camphill with Vincent nd Rob on board
288 – Landed 53 04.104 2 00.955 Basford Green on way to Camphill
KA – Turned Old Radnor, started engine at about Hay East on way to Hay

Thursday 27th –  Sunshine and showers, local flying

Friday 28th – Task set!  MYN-LEO-TNW-NET-MYN

Dave Darcy in 288, Julian and Vincent in JF, Rod and Dave in 494 all landed out, KA went round the task twice with the aid of the iron donkey. Results not in yet



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