Saturday 28 November – Close, but no cigar!

So that 50/50 chance turned out to be a 100% likelihood of getting all the kit out , followed by a 0% opportunity of flying it. Well, you’ve got to give it a try – thanks particularly to David Brown for cheerfully getting all the launch equipment out, then putting it all back again.

There was a 15SW wind and enough cloud base at the outset, but the drizzle started on and off at about 10:30, until around 13:00 when it began raining really quite enthusiastically.

We managed to clear the battery charging station from the portacabin, ready for the building works to begin next week; the instructors listened to an interesting and thought provoking talk from BGA Training Standards Manager Mike Fox. This was immediately followed by a talk on Flying in Chile, given by Alan Swan. I couldn’t stay for the talk, but suffice it to say that the room looked so full that I probably couldn’t have squeezed in anyway!


Prospects for Saturday 28 November

So BBC/Met Office is a bit gloomy, RASP/GFS a tad more optimistic. Timing is everything of course, but currently the beginning/middle of the day looks better than the end. Instructor’s meeting at 4:00pm, meaning the last launch would be no later than 3:15 anyway, so at least that bit fits in with the likely met.

Probably no better than a 50/50 chance of actually flying, but there is a 100% chance of being able to do some theory briefings in the warm! Check page nine of your log books, and if there are any ticks you still need, we can definitely get that sorted out for you – with the bonus of a bit of flying maybe; a talk from Alan Swan on “Flying in Chile”; and a meal and a beer (or two!) in the evening!


Friday flying

Friday was flyable – but very cold, and very windy. Short west. Just me and Chris Harris for the K23, Steve doing pre-solo, and Bob on a check flight with Rob. Chris flew first in the 23, landed after 90 minutes, and said how great it was. I believed him, and flew next, found it very rough, but gritted my teeth and stayed up for an hour. Amazing how much the gliders creak and groan when you’re getting pushed around all over the place. I had intended to do some ridge running, but – wisely – gave up that idea. I had enough trouble controlling it on the ground whilst waiting to be rescued by the ground crew who were having a leisurely lunch.

Such a contrast with the flying on Thursday, which was silky smooth wave.

Still, it was flyable – at least until the rain came in and put an early end to the day.


Thursday 19th November

Photos from today


Flying today

Having said on Tuesday that today might be flyable, I turned up early and had to put up with four hours of sarcastic comments about the rain, the lack of wind, and, most importantly, my crap forecasting. But it did finally clear, and the first launch (me and Rob) was sometime after one. There was weak wave around, not high, but definitely wave, and very beautiful flying up the side of the clouds. I’m not sure if it got any better, I had to leave mid afternoon, but I’m fairly sure it was soarable till dark, in a nice westerly. New member Mark Williams (not Marc the winch) flew with Mark, just as I was leaving, so hopefully had a good flight. Dave Wedlock also flew in the 23. Not sure who else flew.

So it turned out quite a nice day.



west_tuesdayPossibly a little too windy today, even for short west. However, Thursday might be flyable, depending on which forecast you want to believe. Winds should be more reasonable. Rain could be the problem.

Friday 13th November


After a period of rainy days, the juniors arrived for a weekend of fun, the sky cleared, the windsock went round to the West, and so we had a late afternoon of ridge flying

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