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Weekend Weather – Another Soarable Saturday!

So another soarable Saturday, and this time with the bonus of a working ridge! There is some shower potential – but you can’t let a detail like that rule your life, can you?

Make the most of it – Sunday is not looking too promising at all at the moment.

The models can’t agree on Monday’s prospects, depending on the timing of the expected front, it could either be a 300km day – or a 300km night!


What happened last week

Didn’t get to blog straight away then I was busy landing out on Saturday after Phil Foster generously let me fly his turbo Duo (turbos make superb airbrakes if you don’t start them).
So, to the point, we had a good start to the week with westerly on Monday and thermic on Tuesday so the visiting club from Brentor had a good start which went downhill with strong easterlies Wednesday onwards.
A film crew filming a film based on a farming family during the civil war (Oliver Cromwell) used the clubhouse as their base whilst filming at Pole Bank. The quiet room was a makeup department, the pool table an office and the canteen….well a canteen! Room 1 was the stars rest room and room 6 for the supporting star?
We have photos of Charles Dance arm in arm with various women, even of him flying (a kite) plus another guy that a few women got excited about (Freddie Fox). There were also people being guided out of the clubhouse with fairly horrific injuries care of the makeup department!
During all this a trailer on its way back to Brentor snapped its A frame partway down the Burway which provided an interesting logistical challenge for Roger, not to mention some welding!


Helen with a Foxy fella


Fay & Helen get their hands on Charles dance!



Charles dance learns to fly at the Mynd




Guillotine test goes well


Monday 25th April

First course of the year and only one person on it . His only complaint was his cold feet after an hour so we landed for thicker socks and a brew. On our second flight he complained again of cold feet but we were at 9800 above sea in the NW wave.


Sunday 24th April

A weird day in that the weather couldn’t really decide what to do, however, this didn’t prevent it from being soarable from the start and those there enjoyed plenty of air time, not least Lassetter who was on TL and training duty. So local soaring wise Sunday faired much better than Saturday, where one K6 pilot had so many launches for his 50k he was into the free quota section. If you need training Sunday is your day.


Saturday 23 April

Super day. Nice to see plenty of gliders rigging early. The early launchers fared best – as the cloud base rose (to 6500 during the afternoon) it became increasingly difficult to get going from a winch launch – with Dominic, Rob, Dave R and Mark all posting some interesting flights on the club ladder in the range 300 – 430km.


Weekend Weather – Thumbs up again!

What’s going on – two good weekends on the trot? Fear not, I’m sure it won’t last, so make the most of it while it does. Either day should be fine for a bit of local soaring; if you’re looking to venture a bit further afield, the predictions currently favour Saturday.

RASP (and Dave!) always direct us towards Wales, so I’m thinking CRY-CHE (305km), or lesser /greater similar triangles to suit your confidence / skill / foolhardiness (delete as appropriate!)

My new Weather Toy (Top Meteo) is much less keen on Dragon Country and favours a trip south, perhaps AST-PRK-MAM (337km), modifying the southerly extremity to suit conditions on the day.

Intermediates could set TAL-GRM (185km), Novices might try HAY O/R (104km) or fly a Local task to anywhere that looks good at take-off!

There we are – cats out of the bag! See you tomorrow.


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