Trial lessons today

Though it was a nice westerly day (where was everyone?) it was eventually decided it was too windy for the hang gliding comp, so after the first briefing, before it was finally canned, they all went over to the MGC and kept Fay busy. Rob was expecting a quiet day, but the number of people from the comp wanting trial lessons gradually increased, until there were ten. Roger helped out with instructing, Howard was on the winch, and everyone was happy, especially the hang glider pilots, who really enjoyed the experience.

Get some flying in next few days

Looks like a good run of weather is starting

I’m planning a decent sized task from Lasham Thursday, maybe another Mynd o/r

Keep an eye on it & head Mynd-wards if you have the chance


Thanks from the hang gliding comp

The HG competition, and the Long Mynd Soaring Club, just want to say thanks for being so helpful and understanding yesterday, when the comp was at the Mynd for their first task. In particular, Jenny, the Meet Director, wants me to thank the guys working that day – Steve Foster, Mike Witton, Tony Dietrich and Steve Alexander. The comp had a great first task, 158 km to somewhere near Banbury. Our of the 50 or so competitors, I think every one left the hill. 14 got to goal, with the best time being 2 hours, 40 minutes – fast for a hang glider. Lots of people did their personal bests.

The comp is on till Wednesday, but Sunday and Monday are not flyable on current forecasts.

Geoff Minshull

Thurs & Sat potential good XC


Thurs & Sat both look like decent XC days at this range. Keep an eye on your favourite weather websites, check notams, plan some tasks & as ever be organised in time for an early launch

Thanks to Geoff Minshull for working with both MGC & the LMSC to ensure a safe, cooperative & adult relationship between all the Mynd fliers. Hope your comp goes well Geoff

Andy H

Hang Gliding comp, 25-29th July

This is less about what happened yesterday, and more about what is happening next week. There’s a hang gliding comp taking place at the Long Mynd Soaring Club sites, from 25-29 July. Around 60 hang gliders. So if it is a westerly, they’ll be flying the Mynd. Other directions, they will go to other sites. I’ll be doing the site briefings for them (which will include explaining about MGC operations), and liaising with the MGC, and will do my utmost to minimise any disruption to MGC activities. The LMSC has a rule that paragliders and hang gliders shouldn’t thermal above the MGC field at less than 1500′, and I’ll stress that at the briefings. I can’t guarantee that there won’t be any delays, but I will do my best!

Geoff Minshull.

Another stunning Mynd day

A nice early start, several new members and a wonderful ground and launch crew allowed us to have a fantastic day. 50 plus launches with 4500 ft cloud base  in a wonderful warm South westerly. 


Thurs 9th July

Have a look at the synoptic chart for this coming Thursday.

Have a look at RASP for Thursday.

Keep an eye on it. Check notams (you can do this a day or 2 before then just a quick update).  Get Thursday off work. Plan your 5hrs, silver height, 50k, first 300 (Allan Reynolds???), first 500

Rig your glider wed evening & do as much prep as you can if weather allows. Otherwise early rigging gang Thursday morning

Be at the launch point with all jobs done by 1030 waiting for your slot & go have fun

I’m in the sim this week so won’t be able to look at tasks. Use weather jack links page, rasp & Dunstable, Lasham &


forecasts then make one up. Or get Dave & Rob on the case




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